Our fish is sourced from Royal Hawaiian Seafood which focuses on responsibly produced fresh and live seafood. For more information, please visit

Ahi del Sol Yellowfin Tuna – handline caught with a single hook with minimal to no by-catch.

Cascade Aqua Farms Steelhead Trout – responsibly farmed in a closed containment system, no hormones or antibiotics, more eco-friendly alternative to salmon

Blue Ocean Mariculture Kampachi – dedicated to the development and use of sustainable mariculture practices

seafood safety

All of our fish are delivered and cut daily in order to ensure freshness. Additionally we collaborate with Royal Hawaiian Seafood and Safe Harbor Foods Certified Seafood to ensure that ALL of our fish is within the FDA standards for acceptable levels of mercury, pathogens, and histamine. For more information, please visit


Our premium, short grain, sushi rice is California-grown.


We use compostable and biodegradable clamshell containers made from wheat stalk

store environment

Our design team took special consideration to use eco-friendly materials and methods to develop our interiors. 

resources + links

We invite you to roll with us to support and collaborate with sustainability-focused organizations in order to promote harmonious eating that supports our environment.

Monterey Bay Aquarium
Safe Harbor Foods Certified Seafood