the history + vision

While working in downtown San Francisco, Sushirrito® founder, Peter Yen, often found himself craving sushi for lunch. Unfortunately he also found himself short on both cash and time. White-tablecloth, sit-down sushi restaurants were out of reach while the pre-made, quick-service sushi options lacked freshness, quality and originality. Peter noticed that fresh, filling, flavorful, and affordable sushi was just not happening. After many unhealthy fast food meals balanced with unsatisfying salads, sandwiches, and soups, Peter wondered why there weren’t other options for a quick yet healthy and satisfying lunch.

Why can’t sushi be fast and fresh?
Why can’t sushi be high quality, quick, affordable and portable?

There was also another question that continued to challenge Peter and his need to feed on sushi: how much longer can we over-fish our oceans before we completely decimate the seafood population? How can we treat our oceans in a more sustainable, harmonious, and respectful way to ensure that we can continue to enjoy the seafood we love for many generations to come?

While the idea for Sushirrito® was initially a gut reaction, it quickly evolved into a deeper purpose. Peter believed there was a better way and thus began to challenge how sushi was being served (and eaten!).

By collaborating with Ty Mahler, the former executive chef of Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion in San Francisco, Peter founded Sushirrito® in 2010 to roll out tasty, fresh, healthy, and convenient sushi in an environmentally responsible manner.

Thus, Sushirrito® was born.