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Our Story

Sushirrito® is the creator of the world's first sushi burrito restaurant brand. We’re revolutionizing sushi culture with made-to-order, hand-held sushi burritos in delicious Japanese and Latin flavor combinations. 

Feeling constrained by pricey, time-consuming sit-down sushi restaurants and pre-made options lacking quality and originality, Founder Peter Yen was determined to find a better way to serve sushi and saw the opportunity to combine two of the Bay Area’s favorite foods: sushi and burritos. Yen created the Sushirrito® brand name and trademarked it in 2008.  Several years later, Yen collaborated with Ty Mahler, former executive chef of Roy’s Hawaiian Fusion in San Francisco, to launch Sushirrito® in January 2011 – long before hybrid foods became a trend.

We infuse multi-cultural flavors into every sushi burrito.  By blending the premium flavors and healthiness of sushi with the form factor and convenience of burritos, we bring to you fresh, convenient, large, hand-held sushi rolls.  From our unique flavors to a focus on efficiency with both time and space, Sushirrito® is truly changing the way we eat sushi.

The Founders